congratulations Jylam!

Jylam has won the first ever 4k source compo.
(his entry entry "3d" recieved 7 out of 15 votes).


3d screenshot by Jylam
(7 votes)

Lollipop hogwagen

hogwagen screenshot by tonic
(5 votes)

different wavelengths in the visible spectrum

dwitvs screenshot by spectre/flare
(2 votes)


randomname screenshot by termos and styx
(1 vote)

download (40kb) contains all the entries. If you are on windows and don't have glut.dll and sdl.dll in your path, you should get (229kb) instead -- it contains all the entries, and the .dlls required to run them on win32.


Thanks to all the participants for entering the compo!

Despite having only 4 entries the compo turned out te be quite exciting! Also thanks to those who tried to enter but didn't make the deadline.

I will try to find someone to organize a sequel to this 4k source compo in a few months. Or perhaps some of you want to impose some other arbitrary limits instead of the 4k source limit? Whatever you want, please visit us in #demoscene (freenode irc) to discuss this and other topics!

-- warp