→ closed

Ha! You're too late. The compo is now closed, check the results page to see who won this years compo.

→ deadline

The deadline for submissions is friday 2004/05/21, 17:00 CEST. Votes will be accepted during 1 week, results will be announced on saturday 2004/05/29.

→ submitting

To submit an entry, prepare a .zip file or tarball (.tar.gz) with the following contents:


With all that out of the way, email your entries to 4k@frob.nl.

→ notes

If I cannot build your entry you risk the chance of being disqualified (presumably because it's not portable). I will contact you by email or on #demoscene (freenode irc) if I have trouble building your entry - so you might want to submit your entry a little early to make sure you have enough time to fix any trouble should this occur.

I will try to test early submissions within a week, but no guarantees.