Final Fantasy X-2

Final Fantasy X-2

I finished Final Fantasy X-2 yesterday, which was slightly dissapointing. It seems the second half of the game is mostly side-quests with not much story to them, I skipped lots of these side-quests but still defeated the final boss with ease. I guess Rikku's sphere thingy was a bit overpowered.

Oh well, atleast I can start a new game now, which is always fun :). Looking at the options:

I could start on Final Fantasy XII right away, but it's probably better to have a break and play something else in the meantime. I had a quick go at Jet Set Radio on dreamcast, it doesn't play nearly as smooth as Future, I guess I'll skip it. I could continue with Transformers (atari, ps2), but it's not very good - it just annoys me that my savegame got lost.

Other options are:

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